Bowfishing Madness has decided to discontinue guide services. I do have a couple of suggested guides for you. Mark Willingham and Glenn Ledbetter are great guys. They guide many of the same lakes that I guided my customers on. Check them out if you are looking for a great night of bowfishing!! 

Mark Willingham:
Willingham Outdoor Services  willinghamOutdoorServices@yahoo.com

Cell: 770-826-4975

Glenn Ledbetter:
Deep South Bowfishing

Cell: 256-572-7388

            Invasive Species Fish Controllers!

Fastest growing sport in America! Even if you have never shot a bow you can bowfish! We will walk you through a quick tutorial and have you bowfishing within minutes. Bowfishing is not just a man sport. Men, women and children can participate and enjoy bowfishing


 As always when we set out to find the fish we hammer each spot and cover many acres of water to make sure you have a productive night of bowfishing. Bowfishing has become a great sport for family and friends . Bowfishing Madness has guided clients from around the globe. Many of our customers are repeat customers.

We are always making modifications to the Madness boat. We went from halogen lights to new 50 watt LED lights along with a protective cover/shelf that encases the deck of the boat. The outboard was totally overhauled along with new shafts and prop installed on the lower unit. We perform preventive maintenance on the boat each year in an effort to always provide you with a flawless night of bowfishing.

Be sure to check out the alligator page 

WARNING: Bowfishing Madness cannot be held responsible for the addiction that is about to take place!

Welcome to BOWFISHING MADNESS guide service! Bowfishing is a ADRENALIN rushing sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are a man, woman or child we have equipment that can be modified to fit your shooting style. Just bring yourself and we will supply the rest including the best bowfishing equipment available. Some cients have bowfished in the past and prefer to use their own equipment. That is perfectly alright.

My name is Gene Hobbs. I am located in Paulding Co. Georgia. I started bowfishing over 30 years ago after a good friend introduced me to the sport. Since that time my passion for bowfishing has only accelerated. I want to share that passion and introduce others to the sport. A sport that will help us to protect and enjoy the outdoors.

We bowfish several of the well known Georgia and Alabama lakes. Depending on the lake that we fish out of the species taken are the 'rough' nongame fish that are legal to take with bow and arrow according to the Department of Natural Resources. Species include common carp, grass carp, suckers, catfish (in Alabama), long nosed gar, short nosed gar, buffalo, and fresh water drum to name a few.

You will be bowfishing out of a custom 'designed for bowfishing' flat bottom fan boat that is guaranteed to get your attention. We spared no expense rigging this machine. Be sure to check the MADNESS Boat page to see the detail that went into building this boat. The Bowfishing Madness boat is equipped with a V6 150 hp outboard Evinrude motor to get us to our fishing destinations in a hurry. Our boat can handle up to 4 shooters very comfortably. When hunting for fish we utilize a 35 hp Vanguard Briggs engine to propel a 60" prop so that we can easily cruise around the very shallow waters and thick habitat that these fish thrive in.

We are always performing upgrades and preventive maintenance tasks on the Bowfishing Madness boat. Some of our upgrades include a gear reduction system which will allow for more torque coming from the fan engine. Along with the gear reduction unit we installed a larger Powerfin prop. We went from 51" to 60" inches on the prop size. This new fan engine setup is a beast!!! We have also replaced the deck with some new Hydro Turf with padding. This will allow you to be more comfortable as we prowl the waters throughout the night. We also installed a new Minn Kota Riptide 80 trolling motor that will assist on those windy nights. The Riptide troller will also prove beneficial while sneaking up on those older/wiser alligators.

We have been told by customers that their experience with Bowfishing Madness was like being in a National Geographic show due to the nature sightings that we experience throughout the trip. It is common to see multiple beavers, muskrats, turtles, ospreys, cranes and other wildlife throughout the night. We once managed to pet a doe as she was swimming along side the boat from one island to the next.

One thing is for sure. The sport of bowfishing continues to grow at an amazing rate. Bowfishing is fun for the entire family. This is not just a sport for the guys. Over the past couple of years I have noticed an increase in the amount of female customers we have. Some of these women have never ventured into the outdoors yet after a night of bowfishing they call back and reserve additional trips. Our bows can be adjusted for most children. Be sure to let us know your childs age and size so that we can adjust the draw weight of our bows to accomodate his/her needs.

Bowfishing also provides many benefits to the environment. Invasive species of fish has been brought to our freshwater lakes from around the world. Bowfishing assists with bringing these invasive species under better control so as to not endanger the population of our domestic fish species.

Be sure to check the photo gallery for just a few of our trips. Come join us for an exciting night of bowfishing that you will never forget! Call or email us to schedule a trip at: 770-316-7987
email: www.bowfishingmadness@mindspring.com

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