WHO WE ARE AND WHY WE DO IT! I first put a bow in my hand around age 13. Since then I have taken over 130 whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, small game, a Canadian bear and about a gazillion fish. Little did I know back then how addicting this ride was going to be. I have since become so engulfed in archery that it never leaves my mind.

I began competing in 3D archery tournaments around age 19. After a couple of years of competition I found myself competing in world archery competition tournaments. Also during that time I was sponsored by the largest bow manufacturer in the world for a few years which caused my passion for archery to continue to grow. Today I perform indepth test on archery products and provide feedback to the manufacturers. This includes bows, sights, broadheads and most of the latest innovative products.

I began hunting with a bow 90% of the time. While only picking up my hunting rifle if I knew that my only shot opportunity would be 100+ yards. To be blunt things became too easy with a rifle and did not pose much of a challenge for me.

One day (about 20 years ago) a good friend of mine invited me out for a bowfishing trip. Back in the day our bowfishing consisted of wading knee deep in the water during the carp spawn which means we would only have a few weeks out of the year to bowfish. We would attach a stringer to our belt loop and drag our fish behind us as we waded in the shallow grassy areas. Needless to say when my arrow made it's first contact with a carp I knew that I had found yet another addiction that would continue to bond my passion for archery.

I enjoy being able to share my outdoor experience with others. Especially our younger generation. I know I don't need to mention the danger that our hunting and fishing priveleges are experiencing today due to people who have been misguided about our heritage. Each of us should take a child hunting/fishing and let them get a taste of the outdoors. I thank the good Lord for blessing me with a great guide service that I can share with you.

I hope you will reserve a trip with us so that I can meet you, make new friends and take you out for an exciting night of bowfishing. I will go above and beyond what it takes to give each and every customer an entertaining night that they will not forget.

Thank you for checking out my site.

Gene Hobbs

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