Bowfishing Guide 2017 Prices / Rates

For your convenience we now accept credit card payments online:

Price List:

As always we will work hard to find you as many shot opportunities as possible each night that you bowfish with us.

West Point Lake, Bartletts Ferry Lake, Goat Rock Lake:

 Up To 4 People: $650.00

Lake Guntersville trips are $700. This is due to the extra distance we have to travel to get to Guntersville. Lake Guntersville is an exciting lake to bowfish.

Unless you have been out with us multiple times we usually request a $150.00 deposit to reserve a trip. DEFINITION OF DEPOSIT: Your deposit is necessary to reserve your trip date. Deposits are non-refundable unless you cancel within 10 days of your charter. If you cancel your charter less than 10 days before your reservation date then you may not use the current deposit towards a later rescheduled charter. A new deposit will be necessary. We can potentially lose an entire night of bowfishing when trips are cancelled less than 10 days before a scheduled trip.

Deposit can be made via PayPal or Visa/Mastercard or you can mail your deposit. If paying via PayPal then payment should be sent to the following email address after you have logged into PayPal:

If you would like to make your payment via Visa/Mastercard simply click on the BUY IT NOW icon at the top of this page and follow the simple steps to make payment. Your payment is secure. We do not see any of your secure information. We will receive an email verifying that payment has been made. You will receive an email verifying that your payment has been sent.

The remaining balance will be required when we meet you at the dock before starting your charter.

We work hard and will go above and beyond to make sure that you have an enjoyable night of bowfishing!!

We bowfish several different lakes in Georgia and Alabama.

Guntersville is one of the more popular bowfishing lakes in the country.

We will let you know if we have suggestions for a specific area when you call to make reservations.

Note: If you would like to bowfish a lake that we do not normally bowfish, simply request that lake and we will be happy to accomodate. Price will be the same unless the lake is more than 2.5 hrs away. If the lake is more than 2.5 hours away we will negotiate a surcharge for the extra fuel.

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