Alligator Hunts

In 2008 Bowfishing Madness was fortunate enough to participate in a couple of alligator hunts. We were asked to guide on a particular hunt for a customer who has never taken anything with a bow. Before the night was over the customer managed to take 5 shots at gators before connecting on a nice gator.

In 2009 Bowfishing Madness became an alligator hunting guide service. Please read the information below carefully in order to understand what part Bowfishing Madness will play in your alligator hunt.  

If you have ever researched alligator guided hunts then you have certainly noticed the steep prices charged to go on a guided hunt. Due to the fact that we will be guiding you using your alligator tag and going to the zone that you were selected for then you will save a substantial amount on the fees.

We will guide you and provide all equipment for your alligator hunt. Of course you are more than welcome to use your own equipment if you desire to do so. The Bowfishing Madness boat can access many areas on the water that most boats can't.

 If you and a buddy manage to get drawn together feel free to team up and hunt on the same night at no additional cost.

We are willing to do this because we enjoy this as much as you do.

Allgator Guide Fees:

Your cost will be $500 for the guide fee plus the cost for the amount of fuel that we use. This cost will be agreed upon with you before we reserve your hunt. We have to do this because depending on the zone you are selected for we could be traveling anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours away. And then once we are on the water it is possible that we may travel anywhere from 1 mile up to 10 miles one way in the boat. Additionally if you choose to hunt more than one night then we will have to account for any motel fees involved. On average we usually end up including around $250 for all fuel costs. This could always be more or it could be less depending on where we have to travel to. We will start at dark and hunt until daylight. Of course if you become tired during the night just tell us and we will head back to the dock.

If you manage to take a gator during your hunt we will get your gator back to your vehicle for you and help you load it. Due to multiple zones we are not familiar with all processors or where they are located. If a processor happens to be just a few miles away (15 miles or less) we will gladly take your gator to the processor in our vehicle if you desire. You will need to be there in order to complete the necessary paperwork at the processor.

On our first hunt where Bowfishing Madness acted as guides we had a customer who has never taken any game ever with a bow. We were very blessed on the night of the hunt. Gator season had already been opened for a few weeks. Gator are similar to deer when the pressure is on. They become more alert and more elusive. We also had a full moon that night which usually works against you. On a full moonlit night the gators can see you just as easily as you can see them. Even with the odds against us we managed to creep up on six different gators. The customer missed on his first five shots. On the sixth shot, with a little guidance on where to aim the customer made a great shot on an 8 ft. gator. How many people can say the first critter they ever took with a bow turned out to be an alligator??!! Gators are very powerful! You will have a great fight on your hands after the shot.

You can feel the excitement building up when you slowly creep up on a gator. Each time we creep up on a gator I feel the adrenaline even though I am not the one taking the shot.

Method of hunting:

Our method of hunting is by using a bow and arrow rigged for big game. We use 600 lb. test line and break away arrows. The draw weight of the bows can be set anywhere from 35lbs up to 70 lbs. Once we spot a potential gator we will attempt to ease up within bow range of the gator using either the trolling motor or the fan motor. Our experience has shown that the majority of the time we can actually get closer to the gator while using the fan motor. If you make the shot we will then attempt to tire the gator out in order to get the gator to the boat for the fnishing shot using a firearm. Occasionally we may decide to put two arrows in the gator to better secure the gator so that he doesn't break free while fighting the gator back to the boat.

If you manage to get drawn for a gator tag in Georgia or Alabama consider booking with us. We tend to book-up early and there is only one month of gator hunting in Georgia. Just like bowfishing, you will have a great time and a night to remember!!!

Note: Hunts are not guaranteed success. Last season opportunity at shots were 100% on legal gators.