Answers to the most commonly asked questions for your bowfishing trip

1. How many people can shoot on the Bowfishing Madness boat?

Answer: This boat can easily accomodate four shooters with room to spare. We like to keep it at four shooters or less so that everyone will have plenty of room to move around and shoot comfortably.

2. What should we bring?

Answer: Customers may want to bring snacks. Some customers will bring a change of clothes or shoes for the trip back home. If rain is in the forecast then you may want to bring rain gear. Other than that simply bring yourself and we will handle the rest. Customers are welcome to bring their own bowfishing equipment if they choose to do so.

3. How long do the trips last?

Answer: Trips will last anywhere from at least 4 to 8 hours from the time the boat leaves the dock up until it returns. Most trips average around 7 hours. Some people may tire early. If you are ready to head back before the captain says so then just let him know. We have had only a couple of trips that lasted just over 4 hours. On one of these trips the weather was bad enough to justify returning to the dock. On another trip the customers shot so many fish that by midnight they were wore out and ready to call it a night.

4. Do you bowfish during daylight hours?

Answer: On rare occasions if the fish spawn is peaking then we are happy to bowfish during daylight time. However if the spawn is not active then your bowfishing trip will be much more productive after dark.

5. Can children bowfish?

Answer: Yes, as long as that child can pull back a bow with a draw weight of 15 lbs. then they will be able to penetrate fish. Let us know up front and we will decrease the draw weight on a bow for that child.

6. What is the average draw weight on your bowfishing bows?

Answer: I keep most of the bows set at approximately 30-33 lbs. This is plenty of kinetic energy for most of the fish that we are looking for. You will find that if you increase the weight to around 40 lbs or more then you will spend half of your night digging arrows out of the ground.

7. What if I have never shot a bow before. Will I be able to bowfish and actually shoot fish?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! In fact it is always interesting to see an individual who has never shot a bow. When that person finally connects on a fish the excitement is always amusing. We will give you a quick tutorial on how to use the bow and the AMS Retriever reel. You will shoot a few practice shots to get a feel for the bow. After that you are ready to bowfish!

8. What is the distance for the average shot at a fish?

Answer: Most shots throughout the night will be approximately 10 feet or less from the boat. On occasion you will have the opportunity to take longer shots.

9. What species of fish will we be hunting?

Answer: In Georgia we are allowed to shoot all 'nongame' fish. This includes common carp, grass carp, long nosed gar, short nosed gar, gizzard shad, bowfin/grennel and suckers. In Alabama you are allowed to shoot the same species as Georgia plus fresh water drum, big head carp, buffalo and catfish.

10. What time should we meet at the dock?

Answer: We like to meet at the dock approximately 1 hour before dark. Usually this will give us time to get to the fishing spot, give a quick tutorial on bowfishing (if necessary)and allow you to sling a few practice arrows before we start bowfishing.

11. What do we do with the fish that we shoot?

Answer: We will take care of that for you. If you want you can take your fish with you. Gar are delicious to eat. Of course most people prefer to take home any catfish. Some people will take the carp home to use as fertilizer.