If you can pull back a 15 lb. bow then YOU CAN BOWFISH!

Your trip will start approximately 1 hour before dark. We will meet you at the boat ramp with the boat fueled and ready to go. All customers must sign a liability waiver agreement form before you start your trip.

A regular fishing license is required to bowfish. Most licenses can be purchased online. If we bowfish in Georgia then you will need a Georgia fishing license. If we bowfish in Alabama then you will need an Alabama fishing license.

After you are on the boat and ready to go we will travel to our first starting point. We will have enough life preservers on the boat to accommodate each customer. The water is very shallow in the areas that we bowfish. We will travel through deep water on occasion while going from the boat ramp to the bowfishing site.

We normally arrive at the starting point 15-30 minutes before dark. We will then go through our quick safety discussion.

After the safety discussion if necessary we will demonstrate how to use the bowfishing equipment, give specific details on how to aim and let you sling a few arrows in order to get a feel for the equipment. After that we start bowfishing! We will adjust the draw weight of our bows to your comfort level so that women and children can enjoy a night on the water. The average weight that we shoot is approximately 30 lbs. For the kids we will decrease the weight of the bow down to around 18 lbs. Most women that go out with us tend to shoot around 25 lbs. of draw weight.

Throughout the evening we usually see plenty of beaver, muskrat, deer and a few other 'critters'. Even though we usually have a fast-paced night of bowfishing you will also experience an evening with nature at it's best. I have been told more than once that a trip out with Bowfishing Madness was like being in a National Geographic show. Animals tend to show themselves more and not be quite as shy at night as they are during the day time.

Your trip will last anywhere from 5-7 hours or until you get tired which is what usually happens first. The time begins when we leave the boat ramp and ends when we arrive back at the boat ramp. Feel free to let us know when you get tired and have had enough. You are welcome to keep any or all of the fish. The gar and catfish are good to eat. Some even have excellent carp recipes.  Finally we will head back to the boat ramp and say goodnight.

The boat will easily accomodate four bowfishermen plus the captain and first mate.

A $150 deposit must be made in order to reserve your trip. The remainder will be paid upon arrival before we head out unless you opted to pay online prior to your trip.

Tips are not required. However tips are appreciated. Occasionally we will have a first mate on the boat to assist you with retrieving your arrow and fish and to assist with any issues that may occur with any of your equipment such as line tangles. You will find that the first mate is an added benefit to your bowfishing trip. With a first mate customers tend to shoot more due to the fact that they can reload faster and it saves time since I will not have to stop the boat for small issues.

Legal species in Georgia are any non-game fish except for catfish. It is legal to take catfish in Alabama while bowfishing.

Feel free to bring any snacks if you desire.


If you are using one of the Bowfishing Madness bows and you drop your bow in the water, and if the bow is not retrieveable due to the depth then you will be required to pay for the cost of that bow. This has actually happened on only one occasion. We were in the process of moving to another spot when a customer simply dropped the bow in the water. The bow was dropped in the middle of a channel at a depth of 15 ft. Even though we tried there was no way for us to retrieve the bow.

If we bump into a stump or abruptly stop due to a sandbar or something similar and this causes you to drop the bow then you will not be held responsible. Occasionally losing an arrow during a bowfishing trip is something that cannot be prevented. You are not held responsible for any arrows that are lost during your charter. A rigged arrow can cost as much as $20+. If a line is broken we will always attempt to retrieve the arrow.


My first priority is your safety. If I feel that the weather conditions are too severe, I will postpone the trip. You will have the choice to reschedule or have your deposit refunded. In the event that I feel the weather may cause a night to be less productive or shortened due to severe rain, wind or stained water; I will let you know up front and give you the opportunity to make the decision as to whether or not you want to chance going out and possibly having an unproductive night or having to come back in early. If your decision is to go ahead with the charter after I have given you the option and if we put the boat in the water and then the weather becomes a safety factor causing us to come back to the dock, this will be considered a full charter regardless of how long we have been out. However if I feel that safety is an issue before we launch the boat then I will make the decision for you. The above statements are not something that happens often. In fact this has only occurred on one occasion. We have had to cancel trips in advance due to inclement weather. Rest assure that I will do my best to stay out until I feel the weather becomes a major safety factor. When the wind is gusting and the rain is pouring you will not be able to see fish anyway due to the choppy water. Feel free to contact me with any questions on this matter.

Just a note, I hate disclaimers. However the lawyers tell me they are necessary.