Information on our sponsors and equipment that we use for Bowfishing and Hunting

We would like to dedicate this page to all of our sponsors. This page will provide details on the equipment that we use and that is provided to us by our sponsors. I absolutely would not use this equipment if I did not believe that this is some of the best equipment on the market today. Please support our sponsors as they are supporting the sport of hunting and bowfishing. Be sure to let them know that Gene Hobbs from Bowfishing Madness sent you.

If you know me well then you know that you never hear me state that a specific product is in my humble opinion the best product on the market. This is because there are many excellent products available to us yet each product may lack one thing or another which I feel prevents that item from being the best. However now that I have been shooting HHA sights for nearly a year I am here to tell you that I have broken my own rule. I have hunted with most of the name brand high quality sights on the market in the many years that I have been a bowhunter. With my 36+ years of bowhunting experience I feel that I can say with good concious that the HHA line of archery sights are by far the best archery sights manufactured today!

Two points of interest that stand out most in my mind with the HHA sights is how tight the tolerances are on each of their sights. Their sights are designed with precision machined brass rack and pinion that makes operating the sight as smooth as silk with absolutely no slop. When you put your hands on a HHA sight you will immediately know what true quality in engineering feels like. The next point that lays heavy on my heart is the clarity of their green fibers. I have yet to see a fiber as clear as HHA's. There is no glaring starburst halo visual affect glaring from the fiber that so many other sights have. As a matter of fact the clarity of HHA's fibers is one of the first items that attracted me to HHA.  This is very important especially when shooting long distances. A starburst effect on a .010 fiber can make that fiber appear as a .029 fiber hendering pinpoint accuracy at distant targets. 

HHA sights are designed for toolless sight adjustments which is certainly a nice to have and critical while in the field. Their sight tapes are accurate and user friendly.  Dependent upon the sight you choose some of their sights come with interchangeable wheels for quick changes between arrow size or draw weights. Another cool feature is what they call their 'Blind 20' which allows you to quickly set the sight back to 20 yards without having to look at the sight tape. HHA sights are extremely rugged. I recently returned from Africa (August 2019) where I hunted for 10 days in some of the dustiest environments. Each day hopping in the back of trucks with my bow getting banged around quite a bit. I managed to take 7 African plains game animals during this hunt. Not once did I have to make any adjustments to my HHA Optimizer King Pin sight. Some of the blinds can be quite dark. Even though I have the HHA rheostat light installed it was never necessary for me to use due to their bright fiber and their manual rheostat natural light adjustment on the sight pin housing. 

As I write this article I was thinking about how excited I am to have a bow sight that I am 100% satisfied with. I could go on and on describing the features and benefits of HHA sights. I'll list a few here but you can check out their website to get the entire scoop:

30 years in the industry - Leaders in single pin technology - Reader's Choice Gold Award in 2018 - 100% Lifetime Warranty - Made in the USA - A simple 2 distance calibration method for sight tape accuracy - Fully protected fiber via CNC machined aluminum pin guard that encapsulates the fiber optic and more!!!

Lakewood Soft-Sided Hard Cases

If you are looking for a durable lightweight bow case that will protect your expensive equipment while traveling to and from your hunting grounds or while traveling anywhere in the world then I highly recommend Lakewood Products Soft-Sided Hard Cases. Lakewood cases are unique in that they offer the protection of a hard case with a soft exterior. Many other hard cases can leave nicks or marks on your vehicle interior due to their hard surface construction. Lakewood exteriors are encased in a durable drag resistant ballistic nylon that will protect your vehicle during transport.

Lakewood offers an array of soft-sided hard cases that will not only meet your archery needs but also your firearms and fishing needs as well. The interior features form-fitted high density foam for the ultimate protection. Their bow cases are configured with a drop-in design which utilizes much less space when removing your bow from the case as opposed to other bow cases where the case takes up double the amount of space due to the extra space required to open the typical side loading cases.  The first time I used my Lakewood bow case I immediately realized the benefits and how much more practical top loading cases can be. 

Lakewood cases feature lockable zippers for travel. When the two zippers are pulled together, they create a ring so that a regular luggage lock or a TSA approved lock can be used. They are lighter than most hard sided bow cases and has a significant amount of room to carry additional clothing and accessories. Lakewood also offers an arrow containment case and an archery accessory case that fits nicely in their bow case. Another nice tidbit offered by Lakewood is the option to have your name custom embroidered on your bow case.  

I recently traveled to South Africa on a ten day bow hunt. I was curious as to how well the Lakewood bow case was going to perform during the flights and the arduous hunt itself. I am relieved and truly excited to say that my expensive equipment was well protected throughout these travels. We all know how rough the airline employees can be with luggage. I have witnessed these people literally tossing heavy luggage from the cargo of the plane to the luggage trains. I feel sure the same occurred with my luggage yet the Lakewood bow case prevailed. As expected it became quite dirty upon returning home from living in the African bush for ten days. The case managed to meet and exceed my expectations throughout my travels.

Lakewood Facts:

- All Lakewood cases are TSA compliant

- All Lakewood cases are covered by a lifetime warranty against product defect and a better case guarantee. If you feel that your Lakewood case does not provide you with easier access and better protection then Lakewood will refund your money - no questions asked. 

You can check out more information on Lakewood Products at:

My favorite rest for years now has been and continues to be the QAD UltraRest. I recently hunted in Africa while using my QAD UltraRest. This particular rest has well over 1000 shots on it yet I had the utmost confidence that it would perform 100% as expected. I was not disappointed. Each of the shots taken this year in Africa was taken with the same UltraRest that I used while hunting in Africa a year ago. UltraRests have proven to the archery industry time and time again to be one of the most dependable rock solid accessories on your bow. 

 I have used nearly every rest on the market. Yet I always come back to the proven reliable ULTRAREST.  I have been shooting the QAD ULTRAREST for many years now. When I first began using the QAD rest I admit that I was a bit skeptical because I feared there was potential for trigger malfunction. This concern was quickly put to 'rest' (no pun intended).

I can honestly tell you that after shooting literally thousands of arrows I have never had an issue with any QAD ULTRAREST to date! The drop-away launcher always falls with precise timing offering absolute vane clearance and tuneability (see the slow motion video below). After your bow is tuned and the rest has been locked down you can feel confident that the ULTRAREST is there to stay and is not going to move on you. The design of the ULTRAREST allows for full arrow containment preventing any concerns about your arrow falling off the rest regardless of the position of your bow.

QAD offers the ULTRAREST in a plethora of colors and customizations to fit most bows on the market today. I have an orange ULTRAREST on my Obsession Defcon 6. The orange color matches the color of my Obsession cams perfectly. Looks sweet! 

QAD offers custom models to fit specific bows and they offer models to fit any budget. They didn’t skimp on the cheaper models. The triggering mechanism on each of the models are the same. The only difference is the adjustability options.

Using the QAD ULTRAREST provides me with the utmost confidence in my bow equipment. Having 100% confidence in your equipment while in the field or while competing makes each day a better day!

QAD also offers additional quality built archery equipment including the popular Exodus broadheads, arrow nocks, metal loops and a sleek compression fit armguard that can store your phone, deer call or flashlight. Your phone is useable while stored in the armguard.

If you’re not already using the ULTAREST then I highly recommend that you check them out at . I’m pretty sure you will be glad you did.

All the best and God Bless!


Advantage Tactical Sight!

When it comes to shooting whether it be with firearm or bow & arrow I expect my equipment to perform with the utmost accurracy. I strive for accuracy even with short barreled conceal carry pistols.  The three dot sighting system used on most conceal carry and larger framed pistols prevents me from shooting as well as I would like.  Due to that I began searching online for a sighting system that will allow me to quickly acquire my target and fire more accurately.

I was actually excited when I found the ATS sight system. ATS stands for Advanced Tactical Sight. With the ATS system you simply line the front sight with the rear sight until the two fit together to create the perfect pyramid. When the pyramid is complete simply place the tip of the front sight on your target and squeeze the trigger. The ATS system prevents you from having to try to center a dot in between two dots. While using the dot method if your dot is not perfectly centered both vertically and horizontally you will shoot either high/low left or right. The ATS system resolves this issue and makes the aiming process much easier and more natural. Additionally you will acquire your target quicker and make more accurate shots. 

After installing the ATS sights on my Sig Sauer  P238 and my Springfield XDM I can honestly say that my groups have closed up.  I may still have a flyer on occasion however this is obviously due to me the shooter.  As far as installation is concerned I was able to install the sights myself. I am mechanically inclined so this helps. It was necessary to purchase a sight pusher to remove the sights from my firearms as they are tightly pressed into slots. The Springfield XD front sights are notorious for being incredibly difficult to remove since they are hydraulically pressed in. I had to do very little fitting on the ATS front sight for my XDM. I rubbed the ATS sight on some very fine grit sandpaper just a few times and then was able to install the front sight with just the right amount of force to keep it in place. I did not have to perform any fitting modifications on the ATS sights for the Sig P238.  

In conclusion I would recommend these sights. They may take a little bit of getting used to but I feel after a few rounds at the range these will make you a more accurate shooter.  ATS also offers a night sight with their system. Be sure to check out the ATS system online for more information.

Bowhunter's Fatal Obsession Attractant - IT WORKS!

If you take your hunting serious like me then you have more than likely tried multiple brands of scent attractants to assist with covering your scent while hopefully attracting deer. Well if you have done this then more than likely your results have been more on the negative side instead of positive. I can’t tell you how many times I was using a particular attractant when some does would approach my deer stand along with a buck bringing up the rear.  Then all at once the does would immediately go into alert mode, start blowing and then trot off in the opposite direction. Of course the buck follows and the outcome is always the same, I have no shot opportunity.    Yep, it's FRUSTRATING!

I am excited to tell you guys that has now changed. I was introduced to ‘Bowhunter’s Fatal Obsession Attractant’ by Whitetail Obsession Scents. I was a bit skeptical the first time I began spraying the BFO (Bowhunter's Fatal Obsession) around my stand knowing my past experiences with other scent attractants. However to my surprise every doe that I saw that weekend would literally go out of their way to come and checkout where I sprayed the scent on the vegetation.  In fact I had a long walk to my stand that afternoon and it was a warm day. By the time I arrived to my stand I was drenched in sweat. This is something we have to deal with during bow season here in Georgia. Anyway as soon as I climbed into my treestand and pulled up my bow I heard something walking behind my tree. I thought this could not be a deer because I am sweaty and I just climbed the tree. I turned to look and was shocked to see a mature doe just a few yards behind my tree. She walked directly into one of my shooting lanes where I sprayed the Bowhunters Fatal Obsession attractant and began smelling the leaves and bushes I had sprayed. She was acting really peculiar.

She wasn’t alarmed in any way. She was more in ‘curious’ mode than anything. That same evening a decent 8 point came in and offered me a shot. The 8 point never once displayed any signs of being alert. It’s almost like this attractant has some sort of ‘calming’ effect to it. I managed to take the 8 point home. I was excited about this attractant and was texting my buddy who was hunting not far away telling him how shocked I was that these deer are not spooking from the scent. 

Taken while using Bowhunter's Fatal Obsession

I loaned him my bottle of BFO. The following weekend he calls me to tell me how a few does walked right into his shooting area and began sniffing the scent. A few weeks later on the day after Thanksgiving he decides to hunt that morning and ended up taking the largest buck he has ever taken with his bow. He was using Bowhunter Fatal Obsession attractant that morning. Ok so for all those that know me then you know this story is 100% true. I can’t say if the BFO is the reason the deer came in and presented a shot opportunity but I can certainly say the deer didn’t spook before he took the shot.

I decided to do some research on this attractant to see what others have experienced. I have heard of quite a few other successful stories from hunters using BFO. In fact the biggest negative I could find was that some deer didn’t come in to the scent. In my opinion that is not an issue. At least the deer didn’t spook and go into alert mode. Sometimes deer are on a destination and nothing can pull them from that. 

Taken while using Bowhunter's Fatal Obsession

I spoke with the manufacturers to ask how long the scent lasts and should it be refrigerated. I was told that BFO will last up to three years and never has to be refrigerated. I was warned to not leave the scent in any area that stays hot.

If you are looking for a scent that has proven to not spook deer and even make the deer curious then I would highly recommend Bowhunter’s Fatal Obsession Attractant.  It definitely worked for me!


Ramcat has proven that they know how to make a quality product.  In fact in my opinion the Ramcat broadheads are by far the best broadhead on the market today! I have often heard hunters state that the Ramcat cut is so wide that they have no room in their quiver to house the Ramcat broadheads without one of the blades making contact somewhere in the hood of the quiver.

What is important is that when your broadhead makes contact with your quarry it does the absolute most damage possible to quickly and ethically expire that animal. If the cutting width is diminished to satisfy fitting quivers then I personally feel that takes away respect for the game that I hunt.

I remember a while back Brett Fulton and I discussing this concern, and I remember telling Brett that actually I think this is a good problem to have. I also mentioned that I certainly hope Ramcat does not shrink their cutting width to satisfy quiver issues. Folks it’s not about the quiver.

I mean let’s face it, the 100 grain Ramcats have a 1 3/8” cutting diameter and the 125 grain Ramcats have a 1 ½” cutting diameter which is HUGE compared to other broadheads on the market.  And these broadheads fly perfectly.  So no, let’s not reduce the cutting diameter of an amazing broadhead to fit a quiver. Instead, let’s make a quiver to fit the broadhead.

Ramcat Quiver on Obsession Bow

I am excited to say that Ramcat has done exactly that! Instead of trying to fix something that isn’t broke they decided to design a quiver to custom fit their broadheads. And they didn’t cut any corners on quality. The Ramcat quiver is well designed, it’s quiet and it's heavy duty. The quiver has an aluminum Tree Limb premium frame, dual grippers to grip the arrows, fits many of the other brands of broadheads on the market and it has a rock solid tension mount. I choose to remove my quiver when in the stand. The quiver mounts very quietly to the bow and removes quietly. The frame is also designed so that the quiver can be hung on a tree limb while in your tree hunting. Each arrow gripper has a 'thumb' lip so that you can pry apart the gripper and the arrow can squeeze into the gripper easily without having to snap the arrow hard into place. They thought of everything when designing this quiver.

Folks if you are concerned about your Ramcats fitting in your old quiver then you must checkout the new custom designed Ramcat quiver.

Thank you Ramcat for producing another excellent product!

You guys should check out the new Tenzing packs! This year my primary pack will be the Tenzing 1500. I just received this pack and I have to tell you that I am impressed. This is the perfect sized pack for my style of hunting. I take my hunting seriously and will only use quality products that meet my needs in the field. I often tend to stay in the field or in a tree stand all day. This pack will provide me with all of the carrying capacity that I need including room for layering clothes, snacks, flashlights, gps and all other necessities for each days hunt. I really like that there are 12 total compartments including 6 zippered pockets to assist me with separating items that I carry. Nothing worse than having to dig around in your pack in the dark searching for one specific item. The Tenzing 1500 was designed with enough compartments to allow the hunter to neatly organize each of the items that we carry to and from the field each day. No digging around searching for a single item cluttered amongst dozens of other items in one large pocket in the dark. 

                                                                                   I also really like the gun/bow boot that comes with the pack. Holding a bow or gun for long distances in the field can wear you down. Tenzing's 1500 pack resolves this issue with their gun/bow boot which will easily and safely carry your gun or bow. 

Be sure to check out all of the features of this pack and each of the other packs that Tenzing Outdoors offers. 

The RamCat broadheads have been tested and proven themselves to be the DEEPEST PENETRATING broadheads on the market today. If anyone has proof of a broadhead that penetrates better than the RamCats then please email me and let me know!

I have tested many of the most popular broadheads on the market today and have yet to find one that penetrates as well as the RamCats. First view of the RamCat may cause you to wonder how this unique broadhead functions. Click here to see a test that I performed shooting the RamCat through a 1/2" piece of plywood. I expected the head to penetrate the plywood but I didn't expect the RamCat and the entire arrow to blow through so easily and then penetrate into my cloth targert. I shot four other broadheads into this piece of plywood and none of the other heads had a complete arrow pass through. Click here to see this test:

The 100 grain RamCat has a 1 3/8" cutting diameter with blades that are sharpened on both sides. The 125 grain RamCat has a 1 1/2" cutting diameter.  The blades actually roll forward to cut backwards if the arrow does not pass through. Needless to say this causes explosive hemmoraging along with a massive blood trail for tracking!

Not only has this broadhead been proven to have the absolute best penetration, but the RamCat flies so accurate that they will group exactly with your field points.

I have performed flight tests at distances up to 60 yards and witnessed the RamCats impacting with my field point group. I have spoken to others who have shot these heads at 80 yards with pinpoint accuracy with field points.

Characteristically all broadheads will tell on you at the target if your form is not up to par. However when you use proper form you will absolutely not have a problem with these broadheads hitting exactly with field points.


New innovations include changing the stainless steel body ferrule from a 300 series stainless steel to a 400 series stainless steel and heat treating it for additional strength, using a new blade sharpening process that will make the blades even sharper, adding the Aero Insert Technology made by Firenock which is a 2 O-ring system (licensed to Ramcat Broadheads) which will guarantee that the threaded shank will be absolutely centered in all inserts and will disallow the broadhead from loosening on the shaft, adding new left hand blade screws to tighten blades into the loaded position more easily, increasing allen socket on blade screws from .050" to 1/16" for easy, consistent tightening, revising blades so they will rotate forward further for easier arrow extraction (back cut) in game or targets, and increasing the threaded shank length by 1 1/2 threads to accommodate all inserts. 

In addition, we have added the 100 and 125 grain Deep Six Ramcats which will accommodate the Easton Deep Six arrows.   

Don't take my word for it folks. Research the online testimonials on how well these RamCats perform. Check out RamCat broadheads to see additional video footage of the RamCats creating satisfied hunters across the nation.

The people at Hunter Safety System have been saving lives and providing hunters with a safe way to enjoy treestand hunting longer than any other treestand safety harness company out there. This fact alone makes it obvious that HSS has the most experience when it comes to providing you with safe, reliable and comfortable treestand hunting.

Yes I have tried all the rest and then I went with the best! The other harnesses were well designed. However after multiple tests both on and off the field my top choice is the Hunter Safety System products.

The HSS safety harnesses are shipped not only with a tree strap but also comes with a free lineman’s climbing strap so that you will not have to purchase one separately. The lineman strap will keep you safe as you ascend and descend your tree.

Each year HSS adds new hi-tech designs to their arsenal of safety vests. This past year I used the HSS Hybrid. Man was I pleased with the fit, comfort, ease of use and especially enjoyed the handwarmer pockets. This vest has 6 pockets in close proximity which made it very practical for accessing my hunting devices with very little movement.

HSS also offers a line of accessories that will interact with your HSS harness and assist you with your outdoor needs. I would certainly recommend their 'Rope Style Tree Strap'. This strap is equipped with a prussic knot which proves to be the ultimate in convenience for climbing and securing yourself quickly and safely to the tree. I also found that when drawing my bow the Rope Style Tree Strap is completely out of my way. I have had trouble in the past with wide belt straps hindering my draw. With the Rope Style Tree Strap that is no longer a concern. Just one more obstacle out of the way when the big Pope & Young provides you with an opportunity!

Not only do they make an excellent product but you will be dealing with a great company that incorporates excellent employees that are there for you.

Be sure to check out Hunter Safety System today!



If you are an avid bowhunter like me then you have to agree that we have all been waiting for a full containment suit that allows us bowhunter’s to be able to make accurate shots without interference from the suit.

IWOM Outerwear has absolutely exceeded my expectations. The IWOM Hunting System was designed with the bowhunter in mind. They thought of everything folks. The material is quiet, completely water proof with sealed seams, immensely warm and flexible so that I can stand up and turn to make a shot behind the stand while fully contained in the IWOM Hunting suit.

The IWOM Hunting System even incorporated scent management into this suit and a built in handwarmer. They use SmartSilver scent management to help eliminate odor causing bacteria. This allows for maximum elimination of your body’s odor while wearing the IWOM. The suit comes equipped with a single strap that will allow you to pull the fabric snug against your body in an effort to prevent any loose material from interfering with your shot. This is fantastic!

The suit was also engineered to be extremely mobile. You can wear the suit wrapped up neatly in its own carry bag around your waist while traveling to and from your stand.

Or you can wear just the Parka portion to your stand and then when the weather demands deploy the lower section from the waist to contain your legs and feet for all day warmth and scent containment.

My advice? CHECK OUT IWOM OUTERWEAR! You will be glad you did! 

LAST CHANCE ARCHERY offers the most efficient easy to use bow press in the world! I have used many different bow presses in my shop. I was so impressed with the simplicity and time saving features offered on the Last Chance Archery press that I knew I had to have one.

When you purchase one of these presses you will no longer have to take additional unnecessary time to reconfigure the press to fit different length bows.

If anything, you may have to slide one of the limb gripping fingers in or out just a bit. This takes about 2 seconds.

I have yet to find a bow that I cannot press while using the Last Chance Archery press. They offer multiple presses to fit your budget and shop configuration.

My favorite is the Power Press Deluxe. This particular version comes with a variable speed electric motor and will go from a 28" to a 42" bow in less than 30 seconds. This press will press up to 70 lbs. of draw weight.

The Power Press Deluxe includes a pivot system that will go from horizontal to vertical for easy access to finish bow set-up.

If you want to press more weight then you will need the manual version as seen below which will allow you to turn the wheel to press the bows.

The manual components are machined for smooth and easy operation. Be sure to check out all of the different press models and accessories offered by Last Chance Archery. I was even able to use the Last Chance press to hold my bowstrings tight so that they could be served. I simply turned the fingers around backwards and then placed the string on the fingers and stretched the string until it was tight. This made serving the strings easy!

If you have a desire to tune your bow to its utmost potential then you must have a draw board. For 2015 LCA has designed one of the most user friendly draw boards on the market that will easily adapt to any of their bow presses. Be sure to review their new draw board design here.

Last Chance Archery also offers the EZ Vise bow vise. This vise allows you to maneuver your bow into any position while working on your bow. The vise works with any bow. Most bow vises are comprised of a one piece vise mounted to a bench. The EZ Vise is comprised of a vise mounted to two independent arms connected via ball joints. This method allows more maneuverability than any vise I have ever seen.

Be sure to check out Last Chance Archery and their accessories. Their products will make life easier while working on any bow!

ARCHERY INNOVATIONS has designed a device that will allow you to remove your peep forever. There are many 'no-peep' type devices on the market.

I have tried each of these devices that I felt had the potential to truly allow me to remove my peep yet shoot just as good or better with a no peep type of device. To my surprise there were a few devices out there that did work. However after relentless testing I have decided without a doubt that the Anchor Sight from Archery Innovations is my top choice.

The Anchor Sight was the easiest to setup and adjust. This device has micro-adjustments that are easy to get to even after being installed on the bow. The Anchor Sight bracket is very versatile, thus allowing you multiple configurations when installing on your bow.

I could easily write a few pages on the benefits of this sight. To sum it up I will tell you for a fact that you will acquire your target faster and easier, you will have more hunting time due to the fact that you will no longer have to look through a small peep hole early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the lighting is low.

After removing your peep your bow should speed up at least 1-2 feet per second. And you will no longer have to deal with the aggravation of installing a peep and turning the string until the peep lines up. How many times have you heard someone say their peep didn't turn to the proper position at full draw costing them a shot??

The Anchor Sight is also durably made. I have been shooting one for over two years and have never had to readjust the device. I even dropped my bow while climbing down the tree one time. The only adjustment I had to make after dropping the bow involved the arrow rest.

I feel very confident in saying that if you ever truly use the Anchor Sight and give yourself time to get used to the sight, then you will never go back to a peep.

I promised myself that if I did not shoot as well or better with the Anchor Sight as opposed to a peep sight then I would go back to shooting a peep.

I have competed in multiple world competition tournaments and shot 3d in the pro circuit for years. I only wish that I had the Anchor Sight during that time. This device would have been great during those shots at dark 3d targets in low light forests!

HydroTurf Traction Mats are extremely slick proof mats that also provide a layer of cushioning. Before we installed our HydroTurf mats we had to be careful not to slip during a night of bowfishing due to the moisture and fish slime that accumulates on the deck throughout the night. After installing the HydroTurf mats we were able to walk around the deck without worrying about slipping. As an added bonus the mats were much more comfortable to stand on than the plain metal deck. Even after laying fish on the deck for pictures I simply hose it down and the HydroTurf is once again slip-proof and looks brand new. The HydroTurf mats will give your boat a clean new look. I am VERY IMPRESSED and VERY SATISFIED with these mats. HydroTurf has a variety of colors and styles to match your boating and pwc needs. NOTE: If you decide to make a purchase at HydroTurf be sure to mention my name, Gene Hobbs at Bowfishing Madness Guide Service and you will receive a 15% discount.